Atlanta Braves 2024 Top 30 Prospect Rankings: Pitching reigns supreme

Here is a look at the top prospects down in the Braves' farm system heading into the 2024 season.

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10. Seth Keller - RHP

This one is admittedly a reach as Keller dealt with an arm injury in 2023 that limited him to just 46 innings in 2023. However, this dude has a fastball that sits in the low to mid 90's and a really strong split change that misses a lot of bats. Given how good he looked early in the season, we are betting that his subsequent issues were injury related and he will turn into a dude once he is healthy again. If not, he still has a chance at being a very solid bullpen arm.

9. Drake Baldwin - C

If you are looking for the catcher that the Braves could pair with Sean Murphy once Travis d'Arnaud's playing days are done, Baldwin is your guy. After an okay first season after being drafted in 2022, Baldwin jumped onto folks' radars with his ability to impact the ball and make more contact that many thought he would. The Braves really like the improvements he has made behind the plate and laud his work with his pitchers. He probably isn't quite good enough to be a primary catcher, but being a backup that sees significant playing time is very much in the cards.

8. Darius Vines - RHP

Vines would be a stud pitching prospect if he threw his fastball a bit harder, but he has still made a name for himself thanks to his strong breaking and offspeed stuff. Vines had a strong MLB debut in 2023 where he posted a 3.98 ERA in five appearances in the big leagues while dominating the competition in Triple-A. He may not have the sexiest stuff, but don't be surprised if he gets another chance at starting the big leagues especially if he can continue to make progress with keeping the ball in the park.

7. Luis Guanipa - OF

In terms of pure upside, Guanipa has the most potential out of any of the Braves' position prospects outside of maybe Jose Perdomo and we still don't know much about him yet. It took $2.5 million for the Braves to be able to sign Guanipa due to his all-around offensive skillset. He has yet to grow into the power that most expect he will, but he is already proven to be a difference maker on the basepaths and his makeup is off the charts. It will interesting to see how aggressive the Braves are with him over the next couple of years.

6. JR Ritchie - RHP

If Ritchie didn't have to have Tommy John surgery last year, he would have been a top 3 prospect on this list in all likelihood. All four of his pitches grade out as above average or better and he fills the strike zone when he is on. His injury clouds his outlook a bit, but there are no real red flags with his delivery and assuming his recovery goes well, he should be able to pick up where he left off and climb the minor league ranks in short order.