Andruw Jones Hall of Fame vote tracker: How close is Andruw to getting inducted?

Andruw Jones is up for induction into Cooperstown yet again. Can he get any closer in 2024?

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Andruw Jones run with the Atlanta Braves from 1996 to 2007 was one of the great stretches not just in franchise history, but in baseball history. In addition to averaging a .263/.342/.497 and 31 homers a season while also being arguably the best defensive centerfielder of all time. Andruw ended his career with 434 home runs, 152 stolen bases, 10 Gold Glove awards, 5 All-Star Game appearances, and 62.7 rWAR. Even with the steep drop-off at the end of his career, he still stands as one of the best players of his era.

Unfortunately, none of that has been good enough to convince Hall of Fame Voters to induct Andruw into Cooperstown as he is now in his seventh year on the ballot. His support has grown over the last few years, but has a good amount of work to do to get a real shot at getting into the Hall before he runs out of eligibility.

How many votes does Andruw Jones need to get into the Hall of Fame in 2024?

The best way to think about this is in percentages because the number of ballots turned in each year varies as does the number of eligible voters. Any player on the ballot has to appear on 75% of all ballots that are actually cast, so writers that don't vote at all don't count against them. Right now, the current estimate is that around 384 ballots will get sent in in 2023 based on previous data and trend although that isn't a firm number as, again, some eligible voters can and will opt out of voting altogether. As a result, 288 votes is a pretty good guess based on what we know for how much it is going to take for induction in this class. Again, this isn't firm in any way and we won't know until the vote is over and done with, but it is a pretty good baseline for what is going to be needed.

Andruw Jones Hall of Fame vote tracker

One of the best resources out there when it comes to Hall of Fame voting and ballots is the Baseball Hall of Fame voting tracker put together by Ryan Thibodaux. For the last several years, Ryan and his team have combed high and low to get all of the known ballot information ahead of the announcement and the data that his team puts together is invaluable when it comes to projecting the results of Hall of Fame voting.

A quick and important distinction: Writers who make their ballots public are far more likely to have included a large amount of names than writers who keep their ballots secret along with their identities. Writers who make their votes publics typically invite positive feedback by checking off a significant number of names and avoiding the ire of fans. Voters who don't advertise their ballot and/or keep themselves anonymous? Odds are they're stingier, as has been borne out by the data over time. Expect a significant 5-to-10 point drop, depending on the player, after private ballots are revealed, although some of the more fringe candidates have seen bumps from the

Here is where things stand with Andruw Jones' Hall of Fame campaign right now:

Votes Earned

Remaining Votes Needed

Current Voting Percentage (Public Ballots)




All information has been updated as of January 23, 2024

When is the Hall of Fame announcement?

The official announcement of who is getting into Cooperstown this year happens on January 23rd, 2024, but Thibodaux's tracker is going to give everyone a pretty good idea of who realistically has a chance and who is going to have to wait another year or even fall off the ballot. It is still early, but five players currently have a better than average chance of getting into the Hall, but that could change quickly if a batch of ballots doesn't go their way (although Beltre is pretty close to a lock to get in).

This year's Hall of Fame class, however many that might be, will be inducted into Cooperstown on July 21 with all of the fanfare they deserve. Assuming everything holds in terms of how voters have been voting so far, it looks like Andruw may be on the outside looking in again.