Alex Anthopoulos has out of character response to fans asking for Dylan Cease trade

Atlanta Braves GM extraordinaire Alex Anthopoulos had a candid response to a couple of fans at Braves Fest 2024.

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Braves Fest 2024 is the gift that keeps on giving for Atlanta Braves fans. There are so many great stories coming out of last weekend's fan event at Truist Park and the Battery.

Around 50,000 Braves fans attended the annual fan festival despite it being a dreadfully rainy day. Fans did not want to miss their chance to meet players and coaches, as well as exclusive interviews and events.

There were panels throughout the day and fans got to hear from current Atlanta players and executives. It did not disappoint as there have been a lot of great quotes to remember and one particular fan will certainly never forget their unique experience.

During an interview with 680 the Fan, who set up a makeshift studio inside The Chop House, Alex Anthopoulos had a moment that was out of character. The 20-minute conversation was with Kevin McAlpin, John Michaels, and Brandon Leak.

Alex Anthopoulos' quick witted response to fans trade proposal

They spoke on a plethora of topics including how the Braves keep things quiet when making deals, his relationship with fans, contract structures, and more.

After finishing a story about a player the Braves didn't make a move for last season, John Michaels pointed out a couple of fans who had been standing with their phones out for about five minutes. The text on their phone screens read "Trade for Dylan Cease".

Once AA took notice of what their screens said, he responded differently than he normally would. Instead of brushing past it, he answered them with a simple "We already tried!" and followed with "Expensive, expensive" while doing the Money Mike "pay me" gesture.

Everyone erupted in laughter and it was one of the most candid moments I've seen from Alex Anthopoulos. He let his personality shine a bit in that moment and it was great to see. That will be a moment those two fans never forget. Hopefully, fans get to experience more of those moments from AA in the future.

Brandon Leak ended the conversation by thanking AA for being the "most transparent Executive and GM we have in town". AA reciprocated that by thanking 680 the Fan for being one of the most passionate and caring radio stations.

Atlanta Braves fans are so lucky to have a GM who appreciates the fans and isn't afraid to be as transparent about his process as possible. He doesn't see himself as more important than others in the organization. That humility is exactly why this organization runs so smoothly.

It was awesome seeing Alex Anthopoulos be so candid in an interview because it allows us to see that he isn't some huge executive with zero personality. This along with his ability to make the right moves for the team is why he earned an extension with the team.

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