8 Reasons Ronald Acuna Jr. Should Still Win NL MVP Over Mookie Betts

We break down the stats from all angles and explain why we think Ronald Acuna Jr. is still the National League MVP over Mookie Betts.
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NL MVP Race: Acuna vs. Betts - Total Hits and K%

Mookie Betts, Ronald Acuna Jr.
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Mookie might have Acuna beat in doubles and homers, but he doesn't have him beaten by MUCH and Acuna has more hits. Betts has 36 doubles, one triple, and 38 homers on the year. Acuna has 31 HRs, 32 doubles, and three triples.

Betts has 158 hits but Acuna leads the league with 183 knocks. Now, Acuna has played in a few more games than Betts, but Acuna still has him beat in hits per game. Acuna has 1.37 hits per game this season compared to Betts' 1.23.

On top of earning more hits, Acuna is striking out just 11.8% of his PAs. Betts strikes out in 15.1% of his plate appearances. Refusing to go down on strikes is probably a reason Acuna gets more hits on balls that don't get hit out of the park.

Advantage: Acuna

National League MVP Race: Acuna vs. Betts - Runs Scored & Durability

Ronald Acuna leads the league in runs scored. We might be splitting hairs on the power numbers but Acuna does find a way to get on base more and do the most important thing you can do in baseball, score runs. Acuna leads the league with 122 runs scored. Mookie is not far behind at 116.

On a per-game basis, Acuna BARELY edges Betts out. Nonetheless, he's been out there more and scored more runs by being incredible and staying healthy.

Acuna has played every single game for Atlanta this year. There is real value in knowing you'll have one of the best players in baseball take the field for you every single day.

Advantage: Acuna