7 greatest plays from Andrelton Simmons's tenure with the Braves

Andrelton Simmons was a walking highlight reel at SS. Here are the 5 best plays:
Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Two
Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Two / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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1. Andrelton robs Travis d'Arnaud... 3 TIMES!

Sometimes, I'd like to believe that these robberies caused Travis d'Arnaud so much trauma that he joined the Braves just so he wouldn't have terrible flashbacks every time he hit a grounder to SS against Atlanta.

It first started on April 9, 2014, when d'Arnaud grounded one deep into the hole. Simmons quickly got over, but then slipped as he was gloving the ball.

But, on his knees, Simmons fired a ball that looked like it was 200 MPH and got the Braves future catcher by a half second.

Less than five months later, with the Braves up by one, a runner on 3B, and two outs, d'Arnaud looked like he had tied the game, as his grounder even reached the OF grass.

But again, Simmons was just able to get his glove on it and made a ridiculous jump throw to get d'Arnaud on a bounce by a half-step to keep the lead in tact.

Simmons graciously gave d'Arnaud a seven-month reprieve, which was enough time for him to change numbers from 15 to 7, but that number change didn't give him any extra luck on April 10, 2015.

On a grounder that went passed Chris Johnson and once again reached the OF grass. This once again required a ridiculous jump throw from Simmons, and somehow, he made an even better play, with the throw easily reaching Freeman before the Mets catcher reached the base.

Although his time with the Braves wasn't as long as we hoped, it was incredibly fun while it lasted.