7 goofiest Atlanta Braves moments from the 2023 season

The 2023 Braves were fun to watch and featured some of the goofiest moments in baseball.
Atlanta Braves v Kansas City Royals
Atlanta Braves v Kansas City Royals / Kyle Rivas/GettyImages
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3. Matt Olson's speed

The Braves had a surprising speedster in 2023. In addition to Ronald Acuña Jr., who broke the team's franchise record in steals, the team's new franchise leader in homers also had some surprisingly speedy moments.

It started in Kansas City in April, when Matt Olson's second career triple shocked everyone, including Matt Olson.

Two months later, Olson shocked Braves fans again when he hustled around the bases, helmet flying off Ozzie Albies style for his second triple of the season. This had the Braves bench going wild with Olson trying to convince his teammates that it was indeed his second triple of the season.

Then, two months later (apparently Olson hits triples in two-month intervals), Matty O used his wheels again to hit his third triple of the season. Oh, did we mention he also had a steal? Here's Olson convincingly revving the engine like he'd done it before.

2. R.I.P. Jesse Chavez

On June 14, fan favorite and beloved teammate was taken out by a liner off the bat of Miguel Cabrera.

As a memorial for their fallen teammate, the Braves bullpen constructed a Jesse Chavez mannequin so the reliever could be with the team in spirit.

But they didn't just leave the Jesse Chavez stand-in alone. They made sure to carry around the mannequin whenever celebrations arose.

Once Jesse revived himself enough to attend games, the bullpen made sure to treat the MLB veteran with the same care and respect they treated the stand-in.