8 prospects the Braves need to use as trade bait this offseason

The trade market may be the best place for the Braves to address their roster holes this offseason, but that means they are going to have to part with some minor league talent.
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Luis De Avila

This is a fun one because the Braves got a gift when De Avila was available when they picked in the Rule 5 draft after the 2021 season. Luis had been a bullpen arm previously, but the Braves saw a potential impact starter in his profile and have been rewarded over the past two seasons with one of their most consistent performers on the mound thanks to a quality three pitch mix that plays well off each other.

For a team that is looking for a lefty that can miss some bats and typically can go deeper into ballgames, De Avila has to be pretty appealing. Luis isn't a guy that lights up the radar gun or highlight reel, though, and there is a real question as to whether or not he can be more than a back of the rotation guy. For a team like the Braves that has some high ceiling arms higher on their projected big league depth chart, this is the kind of arm they can afford to trade to get help during the offseason.

Jared Shuster

Jared Shuster's big league future has been a hot topic ever since he made his debut as a pro. There is no denying that his changeup is one of the better pitches in the organization when he is right. However, his low 90's fastball doesn't seem to fool anybody and when his command is off (which it has been for most of 2023), he can miss in the zone which can result in a lot of damage being done.

Again, you don't necessarily want to trade a guy when his value is low and Shuster's combined numbers in the majors and minors this season have certainly been ugly, but just letting him rot in Triple-A isn't going to be good for anyone. At this point, Shuster doesn't look like much more than a throw-in in a trade, but that may be best for everyone at this point.