8 prospects the Braves need to use as trade bait this offseason

The trade market may be the best place for the Braves to address their roster holes this offseason, but that means they are going to have to part with some minor league talent.

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Vaughn Grissom

Vaughn Grissom is a clear example of a guy that may simply be more valuable to the Braves as a trade piece than as a future piece of the big league roster. After Grissom lost his spot to Orlando Arcia in the shortstop spring training battle in 2023, it became clear that Grissom's future with the Braves was in question. His limited time in the big leagues saw him struggle to impact the ball consistently and his defensive miscues have been well documented.

However, many have seem to have forgotten that this is a guy that can flat out hit. In 102 games with Triple-A Gwinnett in 2023, Grissom has slashed .330/.419/.501 with eight homers. Will he be that player in the big leagues? Probably not, but he also isn't a scrub and a team that needs a big league ready infielder with some offensive upside could be very interested in Vaughn which could yield a big league ready arm for the Braves this offseason if the stars line up.

Spencer Schwellenbach

Spencer is another guy that fans may be sleeping on and frankly, it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to try and keep him for future use as a rotation arm or bullpen piece. In 65 innings this season, Schwellenbach has posted a 2.49 ERA across two levels of the minors in his first season back from Tommy John surgery.

If the Braves have a lot of one demographic of player in the minors right now, it is at pitcher and Spencer is not without his warts. His strikeout rate and ability to get swing and miss is not exactly what you would like to see from a college draftee and he, of course, has that injury background. However, Schwelly was a highly regarded draft prospect back in 2021 and if including him in a deal for a more "sure thing" this offseason is what is required, the Braves can afford to lose him as they have other young arms that may be ahead of him in the pecking order anyways.