8 prospects the Braves need to use as trade bait this offseason

The trade market may be the best place for the Braves to address their roster holes this offseason, but that means they are going to have to part with some minor league talent.
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Fans of the Atlanta Braves are eagerly awaiting the start of the NLDS on Saturday, but one thing that has become apparent is that this is a Braves' roster that isn't without problems. Sure, there is no denying that the lineup is absolutely loaded, but the starting rotation is lacking healthy depth right now and bringing in a quality bullpen arm or two going into 2024 certainly wouldn't hurt.

The problem is that the upcoming free agent class isn't particularly good especially on the pitching side of things. Most of the arms that are going to be available have some real warts to them (age, ineffectiveness, injury, etc.) and the few that stand out are going to cost a ton. Given that the Braves don't like to lay out a lot of years and dollars for pitchers, that creates a bit of a problem going into the offseason. However, one way the Braves could remedy this is by turning to the trade market yet again for their needs and fortunately, they have the prospects to make some moves.

Here are 6 Braves minor leaguers that the team should try to trade to bolster their 2024 roster

Just so everyone is on the same page, the Braves don't HAVE to trade all of these prospects. There is no such thing as a team having too many players that have value. However, it can be true that a team can be set at a given position (to varying degrees) and the best value in the guys behind them is for a team to trade them before their value goes down as they linger in the minors. That is the category of prospects that is going to be the focus here: guys who have been in the minors for a bit that could be worth more to other teams and who also don't have a clear path to playing time with the Braves.

Let's take a look at some of the Braves' farmhands that should be on the table in trade talks this offseason.