6 most exciting game-ending moments in recent Atlanta Braves history

Braves fans have been treated to some of the most exciting game endings over the years.

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves / Scott Cunningham/GettyImages
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Game Ender 

Walk-off hits are always exciting and one of the best feelings when watching baseball. However, one could argue that game-ending defensive plays are just as if not more exciting. Atlanta Braves fans will be familiar with an iconic catch in Gotham that proves this point.

Back on September 21st, 2016, the rebuilding Atlanta Braves took on their NL East rivals, the New York Mets, in Queens. With a 4-3 lead and 2 outs, the game ended dramatically. The Mets had two runners on and Yoenis Cespedes demolished an 0-1 pitch from Jim Johnson to center field. The ball looked destined for the outfield seats.

New York was hoping to break the hearts of every Atlanta Braves fan watching with a walk-off home run but what happened next was mind-blowing. Ender Inciarte, who read the ball perfectly off the bat, tracked the ball all the way to the wall and at the last moment, leapt into the air stealing a home run from Cespedes and sealing one of the most exciting wins in any baseball game.

Chipper Jones takes Papelbon deep

There were two outs in the inning with runners on second and third and the Braves trailed 7-5. The Phillies made the interesting decision to pitch to Jones and that was a mistake. Turner Field erupted as Jones blasted a baseball into the right-center field bleachers to walk it off. 

In 2012, Chipper Jones launched his 468th career long ball which turned out to be his last. It was a good one. After rallying back from a six-run deficit, he stepped into the left-handed batter's box, facing All-Star closer Jonathan Papelbon. 

This moment also features one of the most iconic broadcast calls in Chip Caray's career. It perfectly captured the excitement of the moment and is one of the best Braves moments during the 2010s.