6 Braves Make MLB's Top 50 Postseason Players But There Are Some Glaring Omissions

Six Atlanta Braves made MLB.com's Top 50 Postseason Players list. We break down the Braves who made the cut and the ones who should have.

Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves
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Glaring Omissions From Mlb.com's Top 50 Postseason Players

Max Fried
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Max Fried is a glaring omission from this list. Kershaw wasn't healthy all year and he's the top starting pitcher. Fried has a 2.66 ERA since the beginning of 2020 and went 8-1 with a 2.55 ERA in 14 starts this season. Fried will probably be the Braves' number-one starter in the playoffs and is not even an honorable mention on this list. If the list is strictly about the best players in the postseason, then the lack of starts in the regular season doesn't mean much.

Five DHs made the list and not one of them is Marcell Ozuna. Anthony Santander is the number 48 player on the list. Ozuna had more rWAR in nine fewer games. He had 40 homers compared to Santander's 28. He had 100 RBI compared to Santander's 95. He had a higher average (.274/.257), higher OBP (.346/.325), higher SLG (.558/.472), WAY higher OPS (.905/.797), and OPS+ (138/121). Ozuna should be on the list.

If Pablo Lopez made the list, Charlie Morton should be on the list. I don't even care if he's missing the first round of the postseason. He's just a better player that will be playing in the postseason. Charlie Morton is one of the best pitchers in the league over the past few years. He's literally one of the best players in the postseason. Of course, he won't be in the postseason if the Braves don't make it past the NLDS.

Michael Harris II was listed as an honorable mention but that's not enough. The guy plays Gold Glove defense, hits for average, has power, and has speed. He's a great all-around player with no weakness. I think he may be penalizing him for either being young or missing some time this season. Either way, give me Michael Harris II over Jazz Chisholm.

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