6 best bromances between Atlanta Braves teammates since 2005

Which pair of teammates stick out to you when you think of historic Braves bromances?

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Orlando Arcia and Guillermo Heredia

Not often do you see two non-superstars get their bromance publicized like we did with Arcia and Heredia. It often felt like these guys were trying to one-up each other in who could bring the most wild energy to Atlanta's clubhouse. The mission was always accomplished, as Arcia and Heredia kept things light-hearted at all times.

Sadly, we didn't get more than a couple seasons of this bromance on the Braves, as Heredia left to play baseball in the KBO last year. To Arcia's credit though, he has kept the energy high since our pink-sword wielding hero left. We really could've paired Arcia with numerous current teammates for this, but his relationship with Heredia left too big an impact for us to disregard.

Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson

Toward the end of the last rebuild in Atlanta, the front office began to dream of a future middle of the infield combination that was getting time together in the farm system. Dansby and Ozzie were a double play tandem long before they both arrived to Atlanta.

Once they did, the pair left no doubt as to who should man the middle of the infield for the now contending Braves. This was about as organic as a bromance as you could imagine. Competing together at each level, both with an insane drive to win. Ultimately, Atlanta would be rewarded for their faith in the middle infielders, as in 2021 both helped deliver the Braves their first World Series title since 1995.

Chipper Jones and Freddie Freeman

Unlike most of these bromances we have previously mentioned, this one isn't between a pair of teammates that rose through the minors together. Chipper Jones had already posted a Hall of Fame worthy career by the time Freddie Freeman got to the majors in 2010.

However, despite their three short years together on the field, the pair formed an amazing student-teacher relationship that would benefit the Braves for years to come. Chipper's hitting intelligence has proven beneficial to numerous Braves throughout the years, but his early work with Freeman may have set him up with a Hall of Fame resume of his own.

The cherry on top of this relationship was the moment of Chipper's heroism. When Freddie Freeman was left stranded in the snow, it was his former mentor and a long retired Chipper Jones who came to the rescue. Chipper was able to get Freeman home safely as they rode back together on Chipper's camouflage ATV. This iconic moment was taken a step further in 2016, with an amazing bobblehead giveaway to pay tribute.

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