6 Atlanta Braves teammate pairings fans may have forgotten about

You know these players played for the Braves, but did you know they played together?

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5. Jeff Francoeur and Dansby Swanson

Dansby Swanso, Jeff Francoeur
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This was another shockingly short intersection for two notable Braves who wore #7.

In 2016, Jeff Francoeur returned to the Braves in what would end up being his final season in the bigs. He played decently enough for a Braves team that wasn't very good that a Marlins team in playoff contention decided to acquire the OF on August 24.

A week earlier, the Braves had decided to call up Dansby Swanson, their top prospect, to the big league club, which means the two were teammates for exactly a week.

Here's the only clip I could find of the two together in a game, as Swanson scored on a Nick Markakis double and Francoeur greeted him as he went to the on-deck circle.

Hilariously, neither player wore #7 that season. Gordon Beckham had taken the number before Francoeur signed that offseason and was still on the team when Dansby Swanson debuted.

6. Ronald Acuña Jr. and Peter Moylan (2018)

Peter Moylan
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Peter Moylan played a lot of seasons for the Braves, making his debut in 2006 and playing for the club until 2012. Because of this, it's easier to associate him with players like Chipper Jones, Jeff Francoeur, Tim Hudson, Brian McCann, and even John Smoltz.

However, Moylan had three different stints with the Braves. After playing for the Dodgers in 2013, he returned to the club in 2015 after missing 2014. Then, after a two-year stint with the Royals, Moylan again joined the Braves.

Moylan didn't have the healthiest of seasons, having a month-long IL stint in June and then missing the entirety of August and September, but it did give him just enough time to play with a rookie phenom named Ronald Acuña Jr.

Bonus trio: Freddie Freeman, Kelly Johnson, and Jeff Francoeur

Jeff Francoeur: Kelly Johnson, Freddie Freeman
Atlanta Braves v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages

Of the 2005 Baby Braves, it's easiest to connect Brian McCann as a teammate of Freddie Freeman's. After some thought, most fans will remember the numerous times the Braves traded Kelly Johnson to the Mets during the mid-2010s and connect him with Freddie Freeman.

And of course, most Braves fans will remember that Francoeur returned to the Braves in 2016 with Freddie Freeman anchoring the club. But connecting all three on the same team feels out of place.

Anyway, here's Frenchy's first homer back with the Braves, which scored Freeman and had Johnson waiting to greet him at the plate.

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