5 Worst Hitters on Atlanta Braves in 2023

We take a look at the five worst hitters on the best offense in baseball. We also take a look at how most of these hitters would rank on other teams!

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Vaughn Grissom, Ron Washington
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3. Atlanta Braves Worst Hitter in 2023 - Sam Hilliard - 93 wRC+

Sam Hilliard filled in nicely when needed at the beginning of the season. He displayed a combination of power and speed when Michael Harris II was injured. Hilliard actually played 20 games in April, finishing with some very impressive numbers for the month. In April, Hilliard slashed .296/.367/.537. In the 18 plate appearances since then, he has just one hit. His services haven't been needed and he hasn't made a major-league appearance since mid-July.

2. Atlanta Braves Worst Hitter in 2023 - Vaughn Grissom - 78 wRC+

Vaughn Grissom always has the eyes of Braves' fans. Many believed Vaughn would be the first choice as starting shortstop on Opening Day. Many were wrong as the Braves elected to go with Orlando Arcia. Orlando was hit in the hand by a pitch and had to hit the IL. That gave Vaughn his chance to come up and show everyone that 2022 was no fluke.

In 2022, Grissom his .291 with a .792 OPS in 41 games for Atlanta. This season Vaughn has actually hit .280 over 80 PAs. So, the average is not the problem, it's the complete lack of power he has showed at the major-league level this year. His .313 OBP and .347 SLG has led to a 78 OPS+.

This is a very small sample size and probably doesn't represent Grissom's potential with the bat at all! In fact, look no further than his numbers in Gwinnett this season. In 82 games, Grissom has 32 doubles, 50 RBI, 11 steals, and a .906 OPS. Don't let the small sample fool you in 2023.