5 Worst Hitters on Atlanta Braves in 2023

We take a look at the five worst hitters on the best offense in baseball. We also take a look at how most of these hitters would rank on other teams!

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4. Atlanta Braves Worst Hitters in 2023 - Travis d'Arnaud - 96 wRC+

Another Atlanta Braves favorite finds himself on the list. I love Travis d'Arnaud as much as the next guy but I'm not the one making this list! Wait, I am the one making this list. I'm just going by the numbers. As we know, the Braves are blessed with the best 1-2 punch at catcher you could ask for. Travis d'Arnaud has been wonderfully successful with the Braves over the past few years. It's a credit to him to be willing to take a back seat to Sean Murphy. I don't just mean this season, but d'Arnaud signed up for it next year with a one-year extension for 2024.

In his fourth season with the Braves in 2023, d'Arnaud has posted a 107 OPS+ since joining Atlanta. He helped lead the Braves to a World Championship in 2021 as the primary backstop. I mean, the guy is on the cover of the USA Today Sports Weekly shown jumping into Will Smith's arms after winning the World Series. He'll forever be remembered by Atlanta Braves fans.

TDA is not having a bad season but he's not having a great season, either. There are a few factors at play. One issue might be adjusting to being the backup catcher. d'Arnaud hasn't received the same luxury as guys like Michael Harris or Marcell Ozuna this season. Those players have been provided continued playing time through prolonged slumps. They were given time to work through their issues and could trust they had time. d'Arnaud is not a full-time player this season so his at-bats are limited.

Comparing Travis d'Arnaud to Other Teams

d'Arnaud has only had 222 PAs this season but he's still managed to add nine homers, 11 doubles, and 32 RBI. Depsite being the Braves fourth-worst hitter this season, d'Arnaud would slot in as the Oakland A's fourth-best in terms of wRC+.

Despite playing in 48% of the games as Rockies catcher Elias Diaz, d'Arnaud has just four fewer homers. Among catchers, TDA would have the highest wRC+ on the Rockies by 12 points.