5 Worst Hitters on Atlanta Braves in 2023

We take a look at the five worst hitters on the best offense in baseball. We also take a look at how most of these hitters would rank on other teams!
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Michael Harris II
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5. Atlanta Braves Worst Hitters in 2023 - Michael Harris II - 109 wRC+

We'll use this spot to brag about Michael Harris II. It's amazing that a player has been as good as Michael Harris II and would rank as the fifth-worst hitter with at least 30 PAs. I doubt anyone has ANY complaints about Harris' season. The only reason he finds himself at the bottom of this list is because he showed he was human early in the season.

On June 6th, Harris II was hitting just .163 and slugging .244. It's been an incredible turnaround for the sophomore center fielder. Since June 7th, Harris has been hitting .344 with a .946 OPS. In that time he has hit 10 of his 12 homers and stolen 14 of his 19 total bases.

Despite the terrible offensive start, Harris has still been able to put up very good overall numbers on the season. He is slashing .285/.332/.451. His OPS of .783 is a 109 OPS+. The 109 OPS+ matches his 109 wRC+. The Braves' fifth-worst hitter this season (min. 30 PAs) is well above the league average in OPS.

Comparing Michael Harris II to the Colorado Rockies

If you were to insert Michael Harris II into the Rockies' roster, his wRC+ would make him the fourth-best hitter out of 20 players with at least 30 PAs.