5 reasons why this upcoming Braves-Dodgers series is the biggest series of 2023

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Starting on Monday, the Atlanta Braves will begin a three game series with the Los Angeles Dodgers and it is safe to say that this is a highly anticipated match-up. Before the season began, these are two of the teams that were favored to win the World Series as both teams are loaded with star power on both sides of the ball.

In fact, particularly for the Braves, this is shaping up to be the biggest series of the year so far and it COULD end up being the biggest series of the year period. A lot can happen between now and the end of the season for sure, but here are five reasons why this upcoming Braves-Dodgers series is the biggest series of 2023.

National League Supremacy

Coming into Monday, the Braves and Dodgers are currently tied with 29 wins each with the Braves having a slight winning percentage lead because they have two less losses than the Dodgers overall. They also rank 1-2 in the National League in run differential, runs scored, and home runs. Both teams are in the top 5 in multiple pitching categories as well with the Braves GENERALLY having an edge there. These two teams, without question, are the class of the National League.

Whoever wins this series will lead the National League in wins (more wins is always better than less) and will also have an edge that could be important in October as playoff seeding is a relevant consideration. Assuming a world where both the Braves and Dodgers win their divisions and end up tied in wins and losses, the season series between the two teams is the first tiebreaker to determine seeding. The two teams do play again in September, but its going to be important to get off to a good start in this series.

Freddie Freeman coming home again

It wouldn't be a Braves-Dodgers series without revisiting some of the drama surrounding Freddie Freeman's exit from the Braves and subsequent signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The whole thing was a mess where Freddie probably should have been involved in the negotiations earlier and more and his agent probably overplayed his hand a bit. The details are still up for debate in the public, but that Freddie fired his agent speaks volumes here.

That isn't to say that there is bad blood per se as you will struggle to get Freddie to say anything negative about the Braves or his time here nor will you be able to find anyone with the Braves that would bad mouth Freddie. It was a crummy situation that seems to have worked out for everyone. We can fully expect people to revisit the drama for sure, but when Freddie takes the field, he is likely to hear a ton of cheers for a guy that gave a lot to the team and the city of Atlanta.