5 Reasons the Atlanta Braves Won't Win the World Series

Here are five areas of concern for the Atlanta Braves as they march toward a World Series Championship in 2023.

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Ronald Acuna Jr.
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Atlanta Braves Offense Implodes - Part Two

Matt Olson has slugged his way into the MVP conversation in the National League. This is a feat that seemed impossible a few weeks ago, as Ronald Acuna Jr. had it in the bag. Matt Olson is a stud and has been for a while. Even though we are just 110 games into the season, Olson already has the third-most RBI (in a season) of his entire career. It won't be long before he blows past his career-high of 111 RBI.

His career OPS is .863, which is phenomenal. This season he's at .975 with a league-leading .605 SLG. I mean, what a season. Is it possible he cools off and still finishes with 45-50 homers? Yes.

Like Olson, Ozzie Albies' .829 OPS is well above his career .797 OPS. However, it is not his best as he finished with a .852 OPS in 2019. Albies' .508 SLG is also a career-high. He is on pace for 38 homers this season. That would be wonderful, but would you be surprised if he falls off that pace?

Ronald Acuna Jr. is having the best season of his career, easily. He has blasted his career-best 37 steals with 51 through 109 games. Acuna is on pace for 76 steals, nearly 40 more than his best. He already has his second-best runs scored total and is on pace for a franchise record. His career OPS is .910 and Acuna has somehow demolished that with a 1.014 OPS in 2023.