5 Reasons Blooper Is the Best Mascot in Baseball

The Atlanta Braves mascot was not well received when it was introduced in 2018. Now, he's the best mascot in MLB.
Colorado Rockies v Atlanta Braves
Colorado Rockies v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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2. He's an undisputed champion of every beef

Have you ever tried to beef with Blooper? If you haven't, consider yourself spared. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to beef with Blooper. You will be lucky to walk away with your life.

His most notable beef is with Barstool's Big Cat, who has yet to see a W despite trying for years. Earlier this year, Big Cat promised to retweet anyone who tweeted a video of them destroying Blooper's bobblehead. He even offered $500 to the person who made the best video.

Of course, Blooper took him up on that offer, destroying his own bobblehead with an ATV.

Big Cat paid up, donating $1020.80 to the Ozzie Albies Foundation, which helps dogs in animal shelters find forever homes. How many other beefs end with this kind of win for society?

1. Vibes

Words won't do it justice. He's got the vibes.

No jersey, no problem. Mascots envy this body.

Braves won? You're going to need to see Blooper's celebration.

Need a hype man? Blooper's got you covered.

Got a party? Don't worry, he dresses for the occasion.

Blooper's the definitive king of mascots, but he already knows that.