5 pitchers the Atlanta Braves could desperately utilize for rotation depth

These arms could be budget options to fill the team's need for pitching depth.
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Johnny Cueto - Free Agent

Johnny Cueto had a great 2022 season with the White Sox. The veteran promptly followed that up with an equally awful 2023 and remains unsigned. Atlanta signing Cueto would be about adding depth and an emergency option. There is nothing in Cueto's last five seasons to suggest he could be a real fix for a contending franchise.

However, his experience and innings pitched would be an asset to have in a depth role or as a potential spot starter.

Noah Syndergaard - Free Agent

Outside of Blackburn, the theme here is the same. Former starters who are coming off of dumpster fire seasons looking to catch on and prove they have something left in the tank. Syndergaard is still only 31 and offered quality innings in the 2022 season.

He is no longer the flame-throwing star he was early on the Mets. However, signing Syndergaard at this point in his career is about adding minor-league depth and hoping the Braves can get a quality spot start or two.

Understanding that these are the best names on the market, Atlanta's lack of moves becomes understandable. The team is easily better off trusting their depth at first and working to find a surprise contributor to this roster.

You aren't going to replace Spencer Strider within the organization, trades, or free agency. The team's best path is trusting their offense and their depth. Adding one of these names not as a desperation move but only to add to their depth of understanding of what this team did last time they lost their best player for the season.

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