5 pitchers the Atlanta Braves could desperately utilize for rotation depth

These arms could be budget options to fill the team's need for pitching depth.
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Cal Quantrill - Trade Target

How early is too soon to give up on the season? The Rockies have won four games this season. The biggest reason for this is their lack of pitching. Cal Quantrill has another season of control left and despite his ugly start could be an attractive trade chip.

What the Braves did in 2021 in the outfield may be required for to fix their pitching depth. Trading for a player like Quantrill would qualify. Cal was a great starting option in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Could he get his career back on track in Atlanta?

Zack Greinke - Free Agent

It would almost be worth the signing Greinke simply to see him get his 3,000th career strikeout in a Braves uniform. If the veteran was willing to return as a potential depth starter what would the Braves have to lose? Greinke was last season as a professional pitcher was the 2022 season, pitching 137.0 innings with a 3.68 ERA.

Paul Blackburn - Trade Target

This is less of a desperation option and more of a long shot. The Braves have a great recent history of trading for the Athletics' best players. Matt Olson and Sean Murphy trades are examples of big wins the Braves have landed trading with the franchise. Could they continue this formula and target Paul Blackburn?

The Athletics are off to an impressive start but seem to love parting ways with potential franchise guys. Blackburn would be a real fix for this rotation and not just a desperation move. However, with that comes a real cost and likely winning a bidding war closer to the trade deadline.