5 Most Disappointing Atlanta Braves Since the All-Star Break

It feels like everything has gone right for the Atlanta Braves in 2023. But this is baseball and not everyone can be hot all the time.

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3. Jared Shuster

Jared Shuster, Brian Snitker
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Jared Shuster entered the season as the Braves top prospect. With early injuries to Max Fried and Kyle Wright, Shuster had an opening to make an impact. Unfortunately, it wasn't the positive impact we all hoped for.

Shuster has been a part of the starting pitcher parade this season for the Braves. He is just one of 16 dudes to make a start. The Braves have had a weakness at the end of the rotation all year. Shuster could have been a solution but couldn't take advantage of the opportunity.

Shuster made nine starts in the first half and posted a 5.00 ERA. He's had a couple of shots since the All-Star break but again was unable to do so. Shuster gave up eight earned runs in just 7.2 innings. The two appearances raised his season ERA from 5.00 to 5.64.

Over three minor-league seasons, Shuster averaged 9.2 strikeouts per nine innings. In 11 Major League starts this season, Shuster's SO9 is just 5.1. He has only walked 3.1 batters per nine in the minors, but not so much in the majors. Shuster has walked 4.4 walks per nine this season. He has just four fewer walks than he has strikeouts on the season.