5 moments from Ron Washington's press conference that makes Braves fans miss him more

Never one to give boring quotes, Ron Washington told Angels fans everything they were hoping to hear. In the process he made Braves fans miss him that much more

Nov 15, 2023; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels manager Ron Washington poses at introductory
Nov 15, 2023; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels manager Ron Washington poses at introductory / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Atlanta Braves third base coach Ron Washington was announced as the next manager of the Los Angeles Angels on November 8th, 2023. It was a crushing blow to the Braves staff as Wash took the beloved Braves first base coach with him as well.

Yesterday, Washington was introduced as the new leader of the Angels. His introductory press conference offered plenty of great quotes and produced a lot of smiles. Here, we take a look at some of the best moments from that press conference and break them down for you.

Establishing work ethic

The work ethic will be developed from the first day that they hit the ground according to Wash. He expects the Angels to simplify the game. When the ball is hit to them, catch it. When they are on the basepaths, run them. When they are on the mound, execute the pitches. He preached not allowing the opposition extra opportunities and taking advantage of every opportunity given to them.

Washington said all he wants people to say about the Los Angeles Angels is that they play baseball. It doesn't have to be any more in depth than that. He said there are a lot of topics that are under baseball, but more than anything the Angels will be known for the main topic, playing baseball.

Guiding the young players

Washington preached believing in every facet of the game of baseball. He wants players to understand baseball is a process. And he said the Angels will accomplish that by teaching them and loving them every single day. Wash said he learned patience from everyone he's worked with in his lifetime and now he's ready to give back once again.

Washington offers as much support as any young big leaguer could want. Wash said when young ball players decide they want to go blind the staff will see for them, when the players can't slow their heartbeat down the staff will do it for them, and when the players decide they want to fall the Angels coaches are going to be there to catch them.

One of the most genuine humans around

When he got off the plane back home in Louisiana on Wednesday, Washington said he turned on his phone to find he had 260 text messages and over 50 voicemails congratulating him on the job. He is absolutely beloved by the baseball community and it shows.

In perfect Ron Washington fashion he said he answered back on every single one of the those messages until he finished on Saturday. His reason, he said it was because you need support in a business like this because of its' ups and downs.

Nothing but positivity

Wash said the moment he got to LA, he was shown nothing but love. He followed by telling everyone that one of the best things about him, is that he returns that love. Angels fans better love this man, because he sure does love baseball and leading people.

Washington expressed how he had been eager to get another shot at a leadership role in MLB. He claimed he has been a leader every since a youngster, and reminded everyone he has effectively led at the major league level before, when he was with the Rangers and ran down the Angels. Now, he said it's time for the Angels to run down the rest of the AL West.

He said he has heard a lot of negativity about the roster, but that will remain outside noise. Wash said the Angles will have an inside-out syndrome. Everybody on the outside will have to see what happens, whereas everyone on the inside of the clubhouse will know good results will follow if they all pull on the same rope.

Not backing down

Building off of the outside doubt, Washington said that will not affect the belief the clubhouse will have. He admitted challenges will occur, as they often do in baseball. However, he followed that by saying anything that the game has to offer, the Angels will be prepared for it and won't back down from anything.

Wash said he will never turn his back on being a leader or his players and he expects his players to return that favor. He then ended his opening statement with one of the best mic drops you could possibly think of.

"Once we get things together and we get these guys together in spring training to start the work, our whole focus is going to be to run the West down. And you can take that to the bank and deposit it!"

Ron Washington

That ending quote right there. It's exactly why folks around here love Ron Washington. Rightfully, so the quote was followed with applause and cheer among the Angels media members. It hurts to see Wash go, but all of Braves country will be rooting for him because he deserves nothing but success.

If you want to watch the full press conference you can do so by clicking this MLB link here.

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