5 former Braves the team could reunite with ahead of MLB trade deadline

Atlanta could turn to familiar faces to fill some of their 2024 trade deadline needs.

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Expectations are high for the Atlanta Braves ahead of the 2024 trade deadline. The team is expected to search for an offensive boost and perhaps one final piece for the bullpen or rotation. There are a myriad of fits the team could explore with the ever-creative Braves GM looking for the right one.

However, there is an argument to be made Atlanta should look to their past and consider former players. Players the team already has brought in during similar injury situations. Starting with the player who brought home the perfect attitude during the 2021 season.

5 former Braves the team could reunite with ahead of MLB trade deadline

Joc Pederson- Arizona Diamondbacks

The third wildcard makes this trade potentially more difficult. Arizona is on the edge of wildcard contention and is coming off a World Series appearance. Will they consider trading pieces at the deadline?

If the answer is yes, there is no question Pederson should become Atlanta's primary target. The outfielder is the perfect platoon option with Adam Duvall and has a history with Atlanta. It was his iconic words that helped drive and complete Atlanta's World Series run in 2021.

It was a similar situation with their best player being lost and losing pitching pieces throughout the regular and postseason. The Braves needed an edge that Pederson brought. The former Brave has a certain energy and swagger that this dugout appears to need. It is what they lacked during both of the last two seasons vs. the Phillies. Pederson fixes the outfield and gives Duvall more value. The question isn't whether Atlanta should chase Pederson but whether or not Arizona will consider parting ways.

Kevin Gausman - Toronto Blue Jays

Gausman as a Brave was forgettable as he put up middling numbers that were easy to move on from. Since leaving Atlanta, however, the starting pitcher has become one of the more reliable arms in the game. Spending time with the Giants and Blue Jays, Gausman has consistently gone out and given his team a chance to win.

The numbers have taken a bit of a step back this season on a frustrating Toronto team. He has a 4.26 ERA through 86.2 innings with 20 walks and 84 strikeouts.

Could the Braves look to buy low and bolster the rotation? With the trio Atlanta has atop their current rotation and the amount left on his contract, it isn't viewed as a high priority. Still, it would be ideal to add another option in case of injury and a player who could factor into the postseason. Gausman is a sneaky name to watch around the trade deadline and an interesting fit for Atlanta.

Jorge Soler - San Francisco Giants

The player who set the tone for the Braves in the 2021 World Series cashed in twice in free agency. Most recently, Soler signed with the Giants on a deal with two seasons left worth $16 million. Soler hasn't lived up to expectations consistently struggling this season. He has a .221 average with nine home runs and 28 RBI.

The veteran outfielder looks more like the player Atlanta bought low on in 2021 and less like who he has been for much of the time since. Why not attempt to work the same magic? Yes, the two years left on his deal are highly paid, however, you have questions surrounding your offense and Soler could be a potential answer.

Eddie Rosario - Washington Nationals

If we are looking at 2021 as the blueprint you have to consider all of the pieces vital to that 2021 run. Rosario's time in Atlanta ended in a frustrating fashion but there is no question he is an upgrade over some of their current options.

Rosario has been objectively awful during his time in Washington despite a hot start and could be another great buy-low option to platoon with Duvall. The question here is whether you believe more Rosario's poor numbers or the player he has been the bulk of his career.

Another potential roadblock here is Rosario playing within the division. Washington isn't a playoff team but could hesitate to offload the contract within their division. Still, it is worth reaching out considering how it played out the last time for Atlanta. Though Washington has a much better outfield option that the Braves have been linked to recently.

Kevin Pillar - Los Angeles Angels

What the Braves really need is a lefty outfielder to platoon with Duvall. The splits have been truly awful for Duvall leading to a concerning slump. Considering his history with the team it isn't time to give up just yet but having a backup plan isn't the worst idea.

Pillar is a great defensive bench piece that would make this roster better. However, the issue here is it doesn't provide the lefty presence Atlanta needs or the needed offensive boost. Pillar got off to a hot start when he landed with the Angels but his offense has fallen considerably in recent weeks.

Atlanta should reach out and gauge the asking price but of the four former outfielders, it has the lowest ceiling. Pillar is a great piece and would be a boost just without the potential offensive upside Soler, Pederson, and Rosario all could offer.

No question, whether it is a familiar face or a surprise addition the Braves need to make moves to help the offense continue to wake up.

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