5 Best Atlanta Braves' Bats Since the All-Star Break

We take a look at which Atlanta Braves players have been the best since the All-Star Break.
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No. 1 Best Atlanta Braves Bat Since All-Star Break

Justin Turner, Matt Olson
Matt Olson gets a rash from sliding into second. This is why he chooses to hit so many home runs. / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

Mr. Matt Olson has been absolutely incredible in his second season with the Braves. He has stepped out of Freddie Freeman's shadow and now casts his own shade of equal proportion. Olson's incredible frenzy of offense has put his name in the MVP race next to Acuna and Freeman.

Matt Olson recently became the fastest Braves' player to reach 40 homers in a season. The last article I wrote discussed his record and whether or not the pace he's on is sustainable. The guy is in the midst of a stretch in which his at-bat/homer ratio is akin to Barry Bond's record-setting pace. If you took Olson's numbers since June 15, he would break the single-season home run record.

However, I'm not worried about Olson slowing down until he does... or doesn't. If Olson didn't hit another homer or have another RBI for the rest of the season, he'd still have one of the great power seasons in the Braves history. He has 40 homers and 101 RBI as of August 11th.

Since the All-Star break, Olson has set the baseball world on fire. His 18.0% walk rate is fifth in MLB. His 1.169 OPS is the best on the team and third in all of baseball. His .409 isolated power is second in the big leagues and first in the National League.

Since the break, Olson has 14 singles and 14 extra-base hits with 11 going for homers. If you read the previous page, Olson and Riley lead the league in home runs since the break with 11 each.

Since the All-Star break Olson leads the National League in intentional walks with five.

Olson leads the Braves in walks with 20 and is fourth in all of baseball.

Olson is tied with Cody Bellinger for the league-lead in RBI since the All-Star ceremonies.

His 195 wRC+ leads the way for the Braves amazing offense since the break. As I started the article, Olson has cemented himself as one of the biggest stars in all of baseball, and certainly one of the premier power bats in the game. Olson and Ohtani currently share the league lead in homers with 40 each.