4 players that the Braves need to trade this offseason to improve their roster

The Atlanta Braves should be in a good spot heading into the 2024 season. However, they could really use a couple trades to reinforce their roster.
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The Atlanta Braves are in a really strong position for the 2023 season. Despite dropping a series to the Cubs recently, they still have a very healthy 10.5 game lead in the National League East and the best record in all of baseball. Things could certainly change, but it looks like the Braves all but have another playoff appearance locked up this season.

However, this is still a Braves' roster that has some questions long-term particularly on the pitching side. Their rotation is already a bit questionable right now especially with Kyle Wright still out with issues with his shoulder, but the picture for 2024 and beyond is even cloudier. Charlie Morton has a $20 million club option for 2024, but with his recent struggles and him getting older, the Braves picking up that option is not a sure thing.

Wright's injury, Bryce Elder's second half struggles, and the open question of the Braves' fifth spot in the rotation all add their own uncertainty for next season's rotation. Add in potential departures from the Braves' bullpen after the season and Atlanta has some work to do and some hard choices to make.

Here are 4 players that the Braves need to trade this offseason to improve their roster

Fortunately, the Braves should have some payroll flexibility to address some of their needs in free agency. However, they also have some players that they can move in trades which should increase the options available to them this offseason. All of the players on this list have some amount of trade value while also being expendable to the Braves. They will have to give up some talent to add quality depth, but they are fortunate enough to have some trade chips that won't cripple the organization long-term if they move them.

Let's take a look at four trade chips the Braves need to move to improve their roster after the 2023 season.