4 free agents the Braves need to try to sign this offseason, 2 they need to avoid

The upcoming offseason is going to be very important for the Atlanta Braves and it looks like they have some good options available to them.
Nov 5, 2021; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves outfielder Jorge Soler holds up the MVP trophy during
Nov 5, 2021; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves outfielder Jorge Soler holds up the MVP trophy during / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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A reunion with Adam Duvall makes a certain amount of sense

Not much has changed with Adam Duvall since he signed with the Red Sox for the 2023 season. He continues to have stretches where he looks like Babe Ruth and others where he just makes everyone mad. Duvall has also struggled to stay healthy this season with just 87 games played this year.

However, Duvall is yet again a strong fit for the Braves' potential need for an outfielder. Having a guy that they can platoon with Eddie Rosario who is a strong defender and has significant power, but may also have to have his playing time regulated a bit is almost a perfect scenario. The downside here is that if the Braves exercise Rosario's option, Duvall may want to go somewhere where he can play every day. Given Duvall's injury history, the Braves may not want to give him that much playing time so it will just come down to what Adam is willing for his role in the future to be.

Lucas Giolito is not a good fit for the Braves

At the trade deadline, one of the top names that Braves fans hoped AA would target and one of the top pitchers available period was Lucas Giolito. This made a ton of sense as he was a pending free agent so the risk was low and the guy had been a lock for around a 3.50 ERA while missing a bunch of bats for the last three seasons.

Fortunately for the Braves, they didn't make a move for Giolito as he ended up with the Angels. Since the trade, he has posted an ERA north of 6 and found another team in the Guardians. Giolito won't be this bad going forward, but there are enough questions about his performance combined with how expensive he could end up being that Atlanta needs to look at other starting pitching options.

The Braves need to make signing Jordan Montgomery a priority

When it comes to starting pitching, the market isn't particularly exciting. Sure, Shohei Ohtani is a free agent, but he isn't going to be pitching until 2025 and no one knows what he will look like after going under the knife again. However, one name that stands out as a steady contributor that puts up results year in and year out is Jordan Montgomery.

Over the last three seasons, Montgomery has averaged a 3.51 ERA while striking close to a batter an inning and walking just 2.3 batters per nine innings pitched. Is his stuff the sexiest? No, but his command allows him to get the best out of what he has and allowed Jordan to become one of the most consistent pitchers in the league. He probably won't come cheap, but fortunately he isn't a Boras client and he would be a worthy investment for the Braves to make.

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