4 Braves whose first names aren't what you think they are

You've grown accustomed to these players middle names and nicknames, but you might not know their first names.

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Alex! CMVI! Aino! Michael (not that one)! In an alternate universe, these are the names we'd be shouting when some of our favorite Braves do something great.

Everyone knows some baseball players have had some weird nicknames in the past, but some players may not know that some of their favorite players don't go by their first name.

Let's take a look at four Braves whose first names you may not know.

4 Braves who don't go by their first name

1. Ozhaino Jurdy Jiandro Albies aka Ozzie

If you were around in 2015 or 2016, you'd probably recognize Ozzie Albies given name, Ozhaino. However, by the time he reached AAA, nearly everyone was calling him Ozzie.

Since reaching the majors, his full first name is rarely used. If he still went by Ozhaino, some Braves fans would certainly be calling "Aino", shortening the latter part of his name instead of the first part.

2. Charles Alfred Morton IV aka Charlie

So "Charlie" being short for Charles shouldn't be too surprising for most people. However, I would wager that Uncle Charlie being a IV would be. The oldest pitcher in baseball has an old name. His name almost goes far enough that the original Charlie Morton could have been his great-great-grandfather, but alas, the two are not related.

The Braves seem to be loading up with as many players as possible with different suffixes. They have a Jr., a II, a IV. Travis Larkins Sr. might want to pick up his phone.

3. Alex Jordan Minter aka A.J.

Unlike his teammate, AJ Smith-Shawver, A.J. Minter uses periods in between his initials. Also unlike Smith-Shawever, the A and the J stand for something.

Minter's first name is Alex (not Alexander) and his middle name is Jordan. Something about "Alex" just doesn't feel right for A.J. We're glad he goes by his initials.

4. Michael Austin Riley

In 2022, the Braves called up a Michael who caught fire, quickly became a star, and earned himself the nickname "Money Mike." Little did fans know they'd had a Michael on the team who had turned himself into a star just a season before.

Austin Riley first broke into the majors in 2019, getting off to a scorching hot start in his first month before fizzling the rest of the season. In 2020, the young 3B struggled to catch his footing, but finally broke out in a big way in 2021.

All that time, he could've been the first Money Mike, because Austin's first name is "Michael". Although, on second thought, it's a good thing Riley goes by Austin, because Money Mike is a very fitting nickname for the Braves CF.