4 Braves who are playing their way out of the team's 2024 plans

We could see some pretty significant changes to the Braves' roster after the 2023 season.

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Jared Shuster

It wasn't that long ago that Jared Shuster was making noise as a future fixture in the Braves' rotation. While concerns regarding the quality of his fastball have been around for a while, his changeup and ability to throw strikes was good enough that many thought that he could make it work. Famously, Shuster impressed in spring training this year enough to force his way into the starting rotation conversations. Unfortunately, that is pretty much where the good news ended for Jared in 2023.

In nine starts in the big leagues this year, Shuster got exposed as he posted a 5.00 ERA and walked nearly as many batters as he struck out. Struggling in the big leagues at first is hardly newsworthy as many fine players have taken a bit of time to adjust. However, Shuster's issues have spilled over to his work in the minor leagues as well as he has put up a 5.52 ERA with big-time regression in his strikeout and walk rates at Triple-A in 2023. Instead of being in the conversation for the rotation, there is more reason to wonder if the Braves need to move on from him.

Collin McHugh

Collin McHugh's 2023 season is a lesson in the volatility of relievers. Last season, McHugh was a revelation for Atlanta while posting a 2.60 ERA with a 9.74 K/9 and 1.82 BB/9. Having that sort of quality in the bullpen that can also throw multiple innings was a fantastic luxury. However, it does seem like Father Time has finally caught up with McHugh and the likelihood that the Braves exercise his $6 million 2024 club option gets less and less by the day.

Through 37 appearances in 2023, McHugh's ERA has bounced up to 3.55, his strikeout rate has dropped off a cliff to 6.75 K/9, and his walk rate has jumped to 3.20 BB/9. There has been some modest improvements in his peripherals in the second half of 2023, but he also just recently had a nightmare relief appearance against the Mets. $6 million isn't a huge amount of money and there is time for McHugh to get things figured out, but his spot in the bullpen in 2024 does seem like it is in jeopardy at the moment.

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