4 Braves prospects we are glad Atlanta held on to at the trade deadline

The Atlanta Braves were relatively quiet at the trade deadline. Here are the prospects we are glad they kept around.

Aug 2, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; An Atlanta Braves throw back hat is shown with a glove in the dugout
Aug 2, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; An Atlanta Braves throw back hat is shown with a glove in the dugout / Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
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The Atlanta Braves were in the enviable position at the trade deadline to not HAVE to do much. Sure, the rotation seems a bit messy right now, but with Max Fried finally returning from the injured list and Kyle Wright (hopefully) not too far behind him, the Braves felt comfortable with who they had in the organization on both sides of the ball and it is hard to blame them for thinking that.

Now sure, it would have been fun if the Braves had gone wild like the Rangers and Angels and traded for a bunch of guys. However, the reality is that this trade deadline kinda stunk. There were some talented guys like Lucas Giolito, Jordan Montgomery, and the two senior citizens the Mets traded away available, but the prices for a lot of those guys were pretty absurd given how much demand was outpacing supply at the deadline (plus any trade with the Mets was probably never going to happen).

In the end, only time will tell if Alex Anthopoulos and the Braves were correct to simply add some bullpen depth and call it a day. However, the good news is that the lack of moves did mean that the Braves did hang on to a few prospects that we are glad are sticking around.

Here are 4 prospects we are glad the Braves didn't trade at the trade deadline

Just like it should be the case with any prospect, every player has a price. This is not a list of Braves prospects that are untouchable. If the right opportunity presented itself this coming offseason for a player that would help the Braves in 2024 and beyond, all of these guys should be on the table. However, the following four prospects have the kind of upside and intrigue that could really help the Braves down the road under the right conditions. Nothing is certain with any of them, but they are all at least fun guys to keep an eye on.

Let's take a look at four Braves prospects that are sticking around for at least a little while longer.