4 Best moments from Braves versus Dodgers since 2018

What do you consider to be the best moment from this rivalry? There was countless moments to choose from, so we did our best to rank these lasting memories.
Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Six
Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Six / Michael Zarrilli/GettyImages
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3. Ozzie to Melancon create their Montana to Rice connection

The 2020 season was a VERY odd one to say the least. The world was suffering the effects of the Corona virus, and the baseball world was no different. The season was delayed, and once it did get started it was a 60-game sprint of a regular season.

The playoffs eventually came, albeit an expanded version where eight teams made it in each league. However, it did feel like MLB got the best possible matchup when the Braves and Dodgers squared off in the NLCS.

The entire series was back and forth, as both these clubs were evenly matched. The Braves took an intense game one thanks to a ninth inning home run from Austin Riley. Ozzie Albies also, provided a ninth inning homer which landed in closer, Mark Melancon’s glove and extended the Braves lead.

On the next night the Braves offense kept on humming and once again in the ninth inning, Ozzie Albies provided some extra insurance. Once again, Ozzie’s home run ball landed in Melancon’s glove leading to an awesome reaction from the Braves closer.

Atlanta won this game and took a nice 2-0 series lead in the NLCS. Again, we REALLY don’t need to mention the rest of this series.

2. Eddie Rosario becomes Super Eddie Rosario

I have seen some players get on some impressive heaters before. In fact, the Dodgers own Mookie Betts is having an August for the ages as we speak. But what baseball fans saw from Eddie Rosario in the 2021 NLCS will live on forever.

Seeing an established superstar carry a team in October isn’t necessarily something to be shocked about. We saw Phillies star, Bryce Harper do so in last year’s NLCS. However, when you see a guy with a career 103 wRC+ put together one of the most impressive postseason performances ever, you have to rank it high on this list.

The numbers he put up were simply historic. No matter which arm the Dodgers turned to they did not have an answer. A lot of hits, a game two walk-off single, and a game winning home run in the final game later, Eddie Rosario took home the 2021 NLCS MVP award and forever cemented himself in Braves history. Not bad for a guy acquired at the trade deadline.

We are going to talk about the rest of this series. In fact, our top moment just so happens to be from the same one.