4 Best moments from Braves versus Dodgers since 2018

What do you consider to be the best moment from this rivalry? There was countless moments to choose from, so we did our best to rank these lasting memories.
Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Six
Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Six / Michael Zarrilli/GettyImages
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Since the 2018 season the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers have had countless battles. There has never been a lack of storylines, nor talented baseball players when these two clubs squared off.

Last season it seemed as if we were headed for our third straight installment of a Braves vs. Dodgers NLCS. However, the Phillies and Padres had other ideas. With each team winning one NLCS a piece, perhaps this year is the year we get a tiebreaker series between the two powerhouses.

Regardless of what the future holds, these two teams have provided us with plenty of great memories to look back on. So let’s wait no further and take a look back at the 4 best moments from Braves versus Dodgers since 2018.

One last thing, because this is a Braves website don’t expect any Dodgers highlights listed here. Sorry Dodger fans, if I just don’t fancy reliving any memories I have of seeing Craig Kimbrel warming up in the bullpen while Juan Uribe rounds the bases.

4. Ronald Acuña Jr. belts grand slam in 2018 NLDS

The 2018 season was a lot of things for the Atlanta Braves. Firstly, it was their first NL East division title since 2013. After a four-year rebuild and one new ballpark, the Braves found themselves back atop the NL East standings.

That would not have been possible without the arrival of their young phenom outfielder, Ronald Acuña Jr. This season Ronald finds himself in the MVP discussion, but in 2018 Ronald was debuting his talent to the baseball world in route to his NL Rookie of the Year award.

In this Braves/Dodgers moment, the young phenom takes center stage. It was the first home playoff game for Atlanta since 2013 and they were already down 2-0 to LA in the best-of-five NLDS.

In the bottom of the second, Dodgers starter Walker Buehler was struggling with his command. He just issued a walk to Braves starter Sean Newcomb, and quickly got down 3-0 to the NL ROY. The 3-0 pitched missed way high, but the umpire called it strike anyway.

After I let a few NSFW words out Ronald stepped back in the box and delivered. As the great Rasheed Wallace once said, “Ball don’t lie”. And goodness did that ball ever tell the truth, as Ronald belted a grand slam over the left field wall to send Truist Park in a frenzy.

Then we got a glimpse of just how hard it is to keep the Dodgers down. Just as we’ve seen too many times, L.A. fought their way back tying the game at 5. Thankfully, Freddie Freeman hit a home run and Atlanta held on for a 6-5 win to keep this memory from spoiling. We don’t need to mention the rest of this series.