3 Reasons why the Dodgers breaking the bank does not matter to the Braves

The Los Angeles Dodgers signed both free agents Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto to deals that adds up to over $1 billion dollars. People are expecting the Atlanta Braves to make counter moves. Here is why the Braves will not let others dictate their plans.
Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Ozzie Albies, James Outman
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The Dodgers are simply postseason rivals

This is a fact that often gets overlooked. The Braves and Dodgers are still considered the two best teams in the National League. As a result, the media wants to paint this picture they are competitng against one another. In reality, these two teams will only square off head to head in seven games next season.

Of course by season's end the Braves and Dodgers could be battling for the best record in the National League and the #1 seed. However these off-season acquisitions by the Dodgers don't play much of a factor in Atlanta's quest for a NL East title because they are not in the division and won't see each other often. This would be a different stroy if the Phillies made these moves.

If things play out like they should, the Braves and Dodgers most likely wouldn't meet until the NLCS and that is assuming either team is able to get past the Division series. We know anything can happen in October.