3 Reasons Why the Braves will win the NLDS and 2 Reasons They Won't

Let's take a deeper look at the NL East rivalry matchup that is featured in the NLDS. Here are the reasons the Braves will win the series and the reasons they may not.

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We have already looked at three "X-factors" that could help the Braves win it all in 2023. Now let's take a longer look at particular reasons the best team of the regular season will advance past the NLDS, or not. Here are three reasons why the Braves will win the series against the Phillies and two reasons they won't.

3 Reasons Why the Braves will win the NLDS

1. Atlanta is more prepared than last season

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Last season, the Phillies eliminated the Braves from the NLDS. Obviously the ultimate goal that Atlanta has is to bring home a World Series trophy. To get there, they have to go through the Phillies.

In 2022, the Braves took the approach to rest up and make sure they were at 100% full strength heading into their first playoff series. After losing the series 3-1, Atlanta claimed they were dealing with some rust after resting for too long.

2023 brought out a different approach from Brian Snitker's crew. The Braves had intersquad scrimmages that fans could attend during their off days to stay in game shape. This has created a fun environment in the city of Atlanta that has the Braves ready to get revenge.

2. Atlanta's Offense is Too Good

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Plain and simple, this Atlanta Braves offense is one of the best of all time. So many people will argue and say that an offense cannot carry a team through October. This is where the Braves are expected to change that narrative.

With five players over 30 home runs, three of those being over 40 and four players over 100 runs batted in, this offense is in a league of its own. Anyone who has covered the MLB this season has mentioned how dangerous the Braves lineup is 1-9. This will show in the playoffs.

Having such a deep lineup does not put all the pressure on just a couple of players. One game 1-4 in the lineup could go 0-16 at the plate but 5-9 launches four homers.

3. Pitching Will Be Enough

Spencer Strider
Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals - Game Two / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

There is no doubt that pitching is viewed as the Braves only point of concern. With the way this series is set up, Atlanta will likely only need a three man rotation. Spencer Strider and Max Fried will carry the workload for the starting rotation.

If need be, these young studs will be able to return to the mound on regular rest to keep Atlanta's World Series dreams alive. Bryce Elder and Kyle Wright could potentially go three innings a piece in games not started by Strider or Fried.

Charlie Morton is unavaliable for the NLDS but could potentially return to the team if they were to advance to the NLCS. The Braves are short handed in the rotation but they still have enough.

We also have to be realistic. So now let's take a look on the two reasons why the Braves may not win the NLDS.