3 reasons why the Atlanta Braves will not make trades anytime soon

Once Atlanta Braves superstar Ronald Acuna Jr. went down with injury, the majority of the fan base wemt calling for Alex Anthopoulos to work his magic. Here is why it won't happen soon.
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The offense has a track record of being much better

Matt Olson
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2023 was a record season for many Atlanta Braves players. They consistently put up ridiculous numbers from an offensive stand point. Even without Ronald Acuna Jr. in the lineup the Braves have fire power.

Ozzie Albies, Matt Olson, Marcell Ozuna, Austin Riley and Sean Murphy all have the capability to blast 20/30+ homers in a season. Matt Olson set the franchise record for home runs in a single season just last year. However, aside from Marcell Ozuna the lineup has seemed to hit a power drought.

It is worth noting yet again that there is still 110 games left in the regular season. The likelihood that a lineup built like Atlanta's struggles for a 162 game stretch is low.

Sadly, power is not the only thin lacking from the Braves offense right now. The team is struggling to hit for average and score runs. Marcell Ozuna is hitting .309 and the next highest on the team is Ozzie Albies at .271. WIth the hitters on Atlanta's lineup card, that is more than underperforming.

Alex Anthopoulos has seen what this lineup is capable of regardless if Ronald Acuna Jr. is there or not and he is going to give them every opportunity to prove themselves before panicking and making a rash trade.