3 reasons the Atlanta Braves could actually sign baseball's most sought-after player

Shohei Ohtani is reportedly “intrigued” by the Atlanta Braves but is the feeling mutual?

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Shohei Ohtani
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2. Ohtani could help the rotation eventually

Unfortunately for Major League Baseball, Shohei Ohtani will be limited to only hitting next season. Due to injury, he will not be able to pitch again until the 2025 season. However, he has proven that he has the ability to recover from injury and remain super effective as a pitcher. 

One of the Atlanta Braves' weakest points as of today is starting pitching. They could be looking to improve their rotation by adding someone like Aaron Nola or Sonny Gray next season and if they decide to pursue Ohtani, have him on the mound in 2025.

Could you imagine the following starting rotation: Max Fried, Aaron Nola, Spencer Strider, and Shohei Ohtani. Any other pitcher in the league could be added to the fifth spot and they would hands down be the best rotation in the MLB.

That prospect also hinges on if the Atlanta Braves are able to bring Max Fried back in 2025 as he will be a free agent after the 2024 season. It is possible that adding Ohtani could spell the end of Fried's time in Atlanta if they acquire the talented two-way player.