3 reasons for the Braves to extend Max Fried and 2 reasons why they shouldn't

Max Fried is one of the best pitchers in baseball and will be a free agent after next season, but should the Braves try and extend him?
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2. He is the veteran presence

Despite still being relatively young, Max Fried is now the veteran presence in the rotation, especially if Charlie Morton decides to retire.

Kyle Wright is out for the 2024 season, which means that Fried will be at least three years older than a rotation that has Strider, Elder, and a mix of Shuster, Dodd, Vines, and Soroka.

The Braves ace lefty has been in the league since 2017 and is the second-longest tenured Braves player. He is one of only three Braves who played on the 2017 team left on the roster.

As the starting rotation is getting younger, extending Fried keeps on an ace and a leader.

3. He's consistent

Like any pitcher, Max Fried isn't immune to bad starts, but he certainly limits them better than anyone. He's made 113 starts since 2019, and he's only allowed four or more earned runs in 17 of those starts. By contrast, he's allowed one or fewer earned runs in 43 of those starts.

When Fried takes the hill, he's had a quality start (a start of more than six innings and three or fewer runs allowed) in 58% of the games he's started. He's allowed two or fewer runs while going five innings in 67% of his starts.

With the Braves farm system still thin, it's not likely the team will have another starter match Fried's production to pair with Spencer Strider as the aces of the staff.