3 Reasons Atlanta Braves Have Best Pitching Staff in NL

Did you know the Braves have the best pitching staff in the NL, if not the best in all of baseball? Here are some of the statistics and reasons behind the dominance.

Atlanta Braves v Colorado Rockies
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Atlanta Braves Pitching: The Stats Don't Lie

Charlie Morton
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The Atlanta Braves have the best team ERA in the National League at 3.78. They trail only the Toronto Blue Jays (3.72) and the Seattle Mariners (3.66) in all of baseball.

The Braves have the top strikeout rate per nine innings in all of baseball. Atlanta pitchers are striking out 9.54 hitters per nine. Having Spencer Strider sure helps boost the numbers but the Braves have strikeout pitchers up and down the bullpen.

The entire pitching staff has a home run per nine innings pitched rate of 1.06. This is barely behind St. Louis' 1.03 HR/9.

The Braves bullpen also leads the league in relief ERA with a 3.44 mark. The Braves starters are second in the NL in ERA with a 4.01 mark. They lead the league in SP wins with 59.

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Atlanta's starters boast a 1.11 HR/9 IP, barely in second behind the Cardinals again. It's not hard to imagine when you have strikeout pitchers like Morton and Strider, then Bryce Elder preventing hard contact. The Braves SPs keep the ball in the yard.