3 Players the Atlanta Braves Should Have Traded Before Their Value Dropped

Trades are a tough business as sometimes a team has to take a chance and hope a player will be everything they wanted and that doesn't happen. Vice versa, a player can be held on to by a team and suddenly lose value. The Atlanta Braves are no strangers to either of those things.
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Brian Snitker, Jared Shuster
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Jared Shuster

Jared Shuster is another player the Braves would have gotten more from this Winter. While he came into the year as the Braves' top prospect according to some outlets, Shuster has always had a limited ceiling. The ceiling looked like a mid-rotation pitcher which could have had value this winter.

It made sense for the Braves to hold onto Shuster. Pitching is something a team can never have too much of and there was an opening for a fifth starter at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, Shuster was not able to take hold of the spot and has had a rollercoaster of a year for both Gwinnett and Atlanta.

Now, that ceiling looks more like a number 4 starter at best. His stuff did not play well in the Majors which is something he will need to improve. Similarly to Grissom, there is no room for someone to figure it out in Atlanta while they chase a championship.

Teams will still value young controllable pitching but it certainly will not be the same return that it could have been before Shuster made his MLB debut.

Bryse Wilson
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Bryse Wilson

Bryse Wilson was the Braves 7th ranked prospect back in 2019. Back when the Braves farm system was one of the best in baseball! In fact, he was the 82nd-ranked prospect in baseball! He would pitch in 4 seasons with the Braves from 2018-2021, never really claiming a spot within the rotation.

It began to look like Wilson was destined for a bullpen role. He ended up being traded at the 2021 trade deadline for the only move that did not turn into gold. Wilson was moved to Pittsburgh for reliever Richard Rodriguez. Now, he finds himself as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen.

This entire article is obviously in hindsight, and no GM is ever going to get every single move right, but looking back Wilson would have made for an attractive trade piece around 2018-2019. I imagine he brings back much more than Rich Rod.

Thankfully, the Braves have seen several trades end in their favor over the last few seasons. These are just a few guys that the team may consider trading earlier if they could go back in time.

Who are some other names the Braves should have moved on when their value was higher?