3 non-tendered players the Braves should target, 1 to avoid

The Braves have a bunch more options in free agency after Friday's non-tender deadline.
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The Atlanta Braves cleaned house last week. Not only did they trade away seven players including Michael Soroka and Kyle Wright, but they also non-tendered seven additional players ahead of Friday's deadline. Very suddenly, the Braves went from having a bit of a roster crunch to only having just 30 guys on their 40-man roster.

The questions now is what do the Braves have up their sleeves right now? Fans have certainly been eager to see if the Braves will make a big splash at starting pitcher as the rumor mill suggests could happen, Atlanta also has a lot of roster spots to fill now and there is a gaggle of newly minted free agents that just became available after the non-tender deadline culling.

Here are some recently non-tendered players that fit the Braves and one they need to avoid like the plague

It is going to be hard for the Braves to win the lottery and get star-level production out of any of these recent non-tenders. The vast majority of the players that got non-tendered this year have real warts to their games and got let go for a reason. However, there does seem to be a few names that could provide big time value on cheaper deals if everything breaks the Braves' way.

Here's a look at some non-tendered players that could be a fit for the Braves this offseason.