3 former Atlanta Braves players that could be managers in 2024

The Angels, Mets, Guardians, Padres and Astros are among the teams that are looking for a new manager. There are three former Braves players that are on the market that could land those jobs. Take a look at who they are!
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
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Mark DeRosa
World Baseball Classic Pool C: United States v Colombia / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Mark DeRosa

Mark DeRosa is probably more known for his appearances on MLB Network than he is for playing or managing baseball. However, he does in fact have managerial experience.

In the most recent World Baseball Classsic, DeRosa was trusted with the lineup card for team USA. Team USA made it to the finals and fell just short following an iconic moment where Shohei Ohtani struck out Angels teammate and superstar Mike Trout to give Japan the victory.

Of course we all know USA had a stacked roster in the 2023 World Baseball Classic but sometimes that can make a managers job even harder. DeRosa did a great job.

With his analyst job at MLB Network, he has no option but to be up to date on all of the analytics and how they are used. This sometimes may contradict his old school mind set but DeRosa seems like a person who could give a steady dose of player experience and modern day philosophy that could lead a team to success.

Bonus: Mark DeRosa did play for Cleveland (one of the teams looking for a manager) in 2009.