3 current MLB players may enter the Hall of Fame with a Braves logo on their cap

We take a look at three players who are trending towards Cooperstown as representatives for the Atlanta Braves. 

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First of all, congratulations to Todd Helton, Joe Mauer, and Adrian Beltre for their deserving spots in the Hall of Fame. Once inductees were announced, it allowed an opportunity to think about what current players are on their way to the hall with a Braves "A" on their cap. Here is a list of three players we think will get the “call for the hall”.

3 current MLB players who may enter the Hall of Fame as Braves

Austin Riley

Austin Riley may be the most underappreciated player in all of Major League Baseball. He could be the best third baseman in all of baseball. In his five-year career, Riley has been insanely consistent with eye-popping numbers. In five seasons, he has finished top 10 in National League MVP voting on three separate occasions. 

Now, the first two seasons were rough but that's when he was struggling with laying off breaking pitches. He's lowered his strikeout percentage since debuting in 2019 and has increased his walk rate.

Since 2021, Riley has finished each season at or above a 5 fWAR and currently owns a career fWAR of 15.7 with 134 HR, 373 RBI, a 126 wRC+, and a .850 OPS. Riley has two Silver Slugger Awards and two All-Star appearances as well. 

Those stats are certainly indicative of a player who has aspirations of ending their career considered a candidate for the Baseball Hall of Fame. He will need to have more seasons like he's had in recent years and earn a few more accolades possibly even an MVP award to make that decision all the more simple.

If he plays for 15 seasons, he is on pace to end his career with over 400 long balls. Riley is averaging 26.8 home runs per season right now.