3 Braves players that could earn contract extensions by the end of 2024

While the Braves have locked up a lot of their guys, there are a few that could play their way into their own extensions.

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The Atlanta Braves are a bit of a unicorn in the game of baseball. Typically, teams will have have some veteran talent under contract and then have most of their young players stay as arbitration eligible. There are some (Marlins, Guardians, Pirates, Rays) that focus on just producing young talent and letting them go when they get expensive, but the Braves have taken a decidedly different path.

The Braves not only have a healthy mix of young talent and veteran acquisitions, but they have been very diligent in locking almost all of their core up on contract extensions. Some of those extensions have been more team friendly than others, but that Atlanta's ability to continue to add talent over the last few years AND keep them in the fold for years to come is very unusual in the league.

Given the Braves' propensity to extend players, it is fair to wonder which players could be next up to get long-term deals. The issue is that other than Max Fried whose future has been thoroughly discussed at this point, the Braves don't really have any guys at the moment that are surefire bets to get locked up that haven't already gotten those deals.

So instead, we are going to focus on the Braves players that could earn themselves an extension in 2024. All three of these guys enter the 2024 season with some questions, but who also have the talent to put themselves on the map and convince Alex Anthopoulos to make an extension offer.

Orlando Arcia

Orlando Arcia is a bit of a weird case here as the Braves already gave him one extension through at least the 2025 season with a club option for 2026. However, that original three year deal that guaranteed Arcia $7.3 million is looking like an absolute steal nowadays and could be just the beginning of the money that he could get from the Braves.

Atlanta traded for Arcia back in 2021 in exchange for Patrick Weigel and Chad Sobotka to little fanfare. Arcia was once a top prospect, but he had struggled with inconsistency at the plate in his five plus years with Milwaukee. However, Arcia ended up winning the starting shortstop position out of spring last year when everyone thought it was going to be Vaughn Grissom and the Braves have never looked back.

To get another extension, Arcia is going to have to prove that he can produce all season long. His defense at shortstop is unimpeachable, but Arcia's production at the plate has been more hit and miss. In the first half of 2023, he put up a 109 wRC+ and earned himself an appearance in the All-Star Game. However, he slumped in the second half where he hit .235 with a well below average 90 wRC+. If he can show that he can hit all season long AND continue to be a strong defender in 2024, the Braves may need to think about giving him a raise and keep him around for the long haul.