3 Braves-Phillies storylines that will make opening series a must-watch for MLB fans

Two of baseball's biggest rivals will face off on Friday afternoon in Philadelphia.

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus
MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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JT Realmuto is tired of the Braves dominance in the NL East

Recently, Phillies catcher JT Realmuto expressed in an interview how tired he has gotten of the Braves taking the National League East crown for the last six years. Atlanta is making a push for a seventh consecutive division title in 2024.

WInning your division is an important goal to have but it does seem a little odd of Realmuto to be bothered by that considering Philly has beaten Atlanta when it matters most. However, this desire to win the division will fuel Philadelphia during the first series of the 2024 season.

Everyone knows you can't win a division title during the first month of the season but it is great to get things started on the right foot. Taking the first series of the season would be a signal to the Braves and the rest of Major League Baseball that the Phillies aren't playing around this year.

Philly is also still likely carrying a chip on their shoulder from the Orlando Arcia and Bryce Harper controversy from last year's NLDS. Arcia was heard taunting Harper in the clubhouse after the Phillies first baseman was doubled off at first thanks to an incredible play from Braves' center fielder Michael Harris II.

Word got out about Arcia saying "atta boy" to his teammates after the game as a jeer toward Harper. That obviously made its rounds in the Philly clubhouse and Harper absolutely went off on the Braves and stared Arcia down on the basepath. While Philly took out the Braves soon after that, this fuel will likely remain heading into opening weekend.