2 reasons the Braves should reunite with Jorge Soler, 2 reasons they shouldn't

Jorge Soler has elected to opt out of his contract with the Miami Marlins. Could the Atlanta Braves bring him back for the 2024 season?

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2 reasons they should not bring him back

1. The Price is too high

In 2023, Jorge Soler was an all-star. He hit .250 with 36 home runs and 75 runs batted in. Coming off of an all-star season and choosing to opt out of his contract with his current team tells where his mindset is.

Soler feels that he is being too productive for his team to not be a championship contender and he should be paid more. He could very well be opting out just to see if the Marlins will raise their price to keep him around but it could be that the number he has in mind goes well over Alex Anthopoulos' budget for the Braves' next left fielder.

2. Inconsistency

Jorge Soler
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In his 10-year MLB career, it has been a guessing game as to what Jorge Soler will bring to his team. He could be an all-star hitting almost .300 with 30 or even 40 home runs. Another possibility is that his batting average is below .200 and he strikes out more times than games played in a season.

Soler has struck out over 100 times in a season four times in his career including last year and 2019 when he lead the American League with 178 strikeouts. Of course, in the new era of baseball, many will trade a lot of strikeouts for 30+ home runs. However, Alex Anthopoulos may want to gamble on starting pitching before taking a high-risk shot at bringing back Jorge Soler.