Tomahawk Take Awards: The Braves Best Moments from 2022

Atlanta Braves celebrate winning the NL East division for the fifth consecutive year. Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Braves celebrate winning the NL East division for the fifth consecutive year. Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports /

It is baseball awards season, so the staff here at Tomahawk Take decided to put together a list of awards from the Atlanta Braves 2022 season and then vote on them as a group. We voted on:

Today, we discuss the best moment from the Braves 2022 season. What moment got the most love? What were some moments that we may have missed? Let us know some of your favorite moments in the comments.

The Votes

Catching the Mets for the division was the Braves Best Moment

It was said in a few different ways, but overall, our vote for the best moment is watching our Braves catch the New York Mets. Fred said it best “snatching the division from the Mutts by beating the Mutts.”

Ben Mause mentions catching the Mets, while Matt mentions sweeping the Mets at home. Davis singles out the Dansby Swanson home run off Max Scherzer as his best moment.

We could single out several moments, but snatching the division from the rival New York Mets, who had a commanding lead, was just a fun time. The thrill of chasing them down all culminating with that weekend series in Atlanta was a fun highlight. Personally, I will never forget the emotions from watching that series!

James & Sam both mention securing the division as the best moment. While the sweep over the Mets did not officially clinch the division, they essentially locked it up with their performance that weekend. It also led to a great call from the Braves radio network.

The NL East Race is OVER!

Spencer Strider Sets a Braves Record

Both Steven and Christian pointed to the Spencer Strider 16 strikeout game as their best moment of the 2022 season. What a game it was.

Strider pitched 8 innings, allowed only 2 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, and struck out 16. It not only set an Atlanta Braves record for strikeouts in a game, but it is also arguably one of the, if not the best single game pitching performances of all time in a Braves uniform.

Strider put together a phenomenal rookie season. One that would have run away with Rookie of the Year honors in most years. Unfortunately, it occurred the same year as Michael Harris’ rookie season. Either way, the 16-strikeout performance was the cherry on top of Spencer Strider’s coming out season.

Down Goes Travis!

Eric and I both went with a sillier moment. Dee Strange-Gordon entered the game to pitch for the Washington Nationals down big. One of his pitches got away and almost took out Travis d’Arnaud for the season!

Obviously, it was just a fun moment that d’Arnaud had a little fun with. It seems that d’Arnaud’s personality came out a little more this past season, leading to moments like this. Travis stepped up as an emotional leader at times for the Braves and it was nice to see a fun moment where we are reminded that it is just a game. Everyone had fun with the moment and it will live on forever.

Travis’ brother, and former Brave, Chase d’Arnaud had fun with the moment as well.

The Braves Win 14!

The moment that led to the Braves chasing down the Mets. The 14-game win streak.

Mitchell highlights this as his best moment of the 2022 season and it is easy to see why. This was  a fun time, after a rough start to the season. The Braves were under .500 and struggling to get anything going. They moved Strider to the rotation, called up Money Mike, and Brian Snitker led a meeting to get the guys attention.

Next thing we know, the Braves are well above .500 and playing like we expected them to play coming into the season. It led to the Braves getting hot and winning another division crown.

Bonus Braves Moment!

I chose a second, best moment from the season. Everyone else picked just one. However, I am the one putting the lists together, so I am allowed to bend the rules a tad. Plus, this is a fun article, so getting to highlight another fun moment should be no issue.

Also, I wanted to highlight the Orlando Arcia walk off against the San Francisco Giants because I was at the game. As soon as Arcia made contact, we started screaming for Goose to make it home. The place erupted as he slid across the plate for the winning run.

It may not be the best moment, but it was probably the best moment I got to see in person this season. So I wanted to give it a mention.

Up next, the Braves Best Win!

Finally, we reach the Best win of the Braves 2022 season. I think most people can pinpoint what games will be selected in the final installment in the series.

Thanks for reading along! Let us know some of your favorite moments we may have missed out on (like the Travis Demeritte inside the park home run) down below!