Atlanta Braves podcast S3E23: the Braves are rolling

"Off Leo's Rocker" talks about an Atlanta Braves team that's on a serious roll.
"Off Leo's Rocker" talks about an Atlanta Braves team that's on a serious roll. /

Tough schedule??  Pfft.  This Atlanta Braves team is playing like… well, the way we hope they will be playing deep into October.  But we have an important announcement below.

Rebounding vs. the Mets in 3 out of 4 games.  Taking out the American League’s best team — the Astros — in 2 out of 3.  Last night our Atlanta Braves routed the Cardinals to the point of having a position player on the mound.

This team is on a serious roll right now, winning 15 of their last 17 games, and it doesn’t seem to matter who they play… or where.  Home, road, whatever.  Three of their last four opponents have been division leaders, and over this stretch, the Braves have outscored all opponents 114-47.

Even this, though may not be enough since the Mets are continuing to win… and their schedule down the stretch is going to support a strong record for most of the remaining 30 games.

If you read this explanation of the reasons it’s imperative that the Braves find a way to overtake the Mets and win the NL East, then I’ll let it slide if you want to skip over that section of this week’s podcast, but there’s more buried in here that you might want to consider:

  • The problems the Braves are having with Kirby Yates.
  • Why the team might want to ask Ozzie Albies to take his time during his upcoming rehab stints in the minors.
  • Alan’s rant and Fred’s suggested solution about the most recent Marcell Ozuna incident.

That brings me to this

This will be my last write-up about a podcast episode.  It’s not going to be the last podcast that Fred and I put together, but we’ve had to make some changes.

In short, Off Leo’s Rocker is not a brand name that FanSided wants to support for our efforts.  Our overseers wish the name of the podcast to remain the same as this site.  While we have a difference of opinion on the topic, the site belongs to FanSided, and it’s their show, so we have opted to go independent.

So what follows is a one-time-only set of information about how to find the new version of Off Leo’s Rocker.  Here goes…

I’m sad that we had to do this… I’d much rather operate “under the auspices of Minute Media Inc and FanSided LLC” as we’ve said so many times, but things do change.

Hopefully, not much will change… other than the ways to find us.

So the bottom line is this:  we definitely value your efforts to read everything here on (and what we do here isn’t changing), but we felt that we had to make the difficult call to ask y’all to follow Off Leo’s Rocker to a new place.

Next. Mowing down a HOF'er and a likely MVP. dark

That’s a pain… I know (believe me… it’s been a long day trying to get links squared away, so yeah:  I’m quite aware), but Fred and I will try and make the journey worth the effort.  Thank you for hearing out this grumpy old man.