Atlanta Braves podcast S3E20: Off Leo’s Rocker talks Draft and Juan Soto

What should the Atlanta Braves give up to get Juan Soto? Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
What should the Atlanta Braves give up to get Juan Soto? Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

Lots of Atlanta Braves news to discuss on the porch this week, but it really comes down to the MLB Draft… and the new human trade rumor himself:  Juan Soto.

What would you give up for the Atlanta Braves to acquire Juan Soto?  Never mind that it almost certainly can’t possibly ever happen… just dream with us a bit.

Word from Ken Rosenthal today (Saturday, July 22) is that the Nationals want “4 to 5” top young players selected from a team’s top prospects or from those with little service time that are already in the majors.

That early word (as Rosenthal continued in the report linked above) is that Washington is not yet getting that kind of an offer.

They probably not worrying about that fact.  They have plenty of time right now.

I seriously doubt that Atlanta would entertain sending back anyone from the current major league roster to fulfill those conditions, but the idea of having Soto for three possible post-season runs has to be enticing… and worthy of at least a phone call.

Also… while Atlanta’s farm system clearly isn’t in the best condition, they do have a lot of near-major-league-ready players that could be considered here.

Off Leo’s Rocker talks about this at length.  The pros (there’s a lot of them) and the cons… which someone don’t seem to be that numerous, to be frank.

So just dream a little with us… an outfield of Soto, Harris, and Acuna.  A threatening bat at every lineup spot.  Who cares about your pitching if you can just put crooked numbers up on the scoreboard at will?

Oh, and there’s a quick recap of the MLB Draft, too.  But how much do we really care about that when there’s Juan Soto being dangled out there?

So let’s get to it, because our next podcast will come after the trade deadline to review… whatever the Atlanta Braves decide to do.

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At the end, we also have a bit of a rant going about Rob Manfred… and you know, it just doesn’t take much to get us going on that subject… it’s really low-hanging fruit to complain about the Commish.

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