Atlanta Braves podcast S2E37: The post-season has arrived

"Come on!" The Atlanta Braves really only have one job this off-season: sign Freddie Freeman. (Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images)
"Come on!" The Atlanta Braves really only have one job this off-season: sign Freddie Freeman. (Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images) /

As usual, the Atlanta Braves are off to a quick start to their post-season activities.  That’s good, but there’s a lot to be done.

It is getting toward the end of November and the Atlanta Braves have already secured two catchers and a frontline pitcher for 2022.

Those keeping track already knew that Charlie Morton and Travis d’Arnaud were inked back near the end of the regular season, but that’s still important to know.  The latest was the signing of Manny Pina.

Pina’s acquisition sets up the kind of two-headed offensive monster that we saw with Tyler Flowers and Kurt Suzuki a couple of years ago… a pair of catchers who can provide a lot of offense to go with their defense… and now the Braves have a chance to rest both to get the most out of their capabilities.  Nice move.

There’s still more to do, including a rumor that Atlanta is after a stud Japanese outfielder who is about to be posted from his home league in hopes of landing with an MLB club.  We’ll definitely want to keep our eyes on news about Seiya Suzuki in the coming days.

But then there’s Freddie Freeman.  We all spent several minute extolling the virtues of getting him re-signed, and frankly we’re all getting a bit exasperated that some common ground can’t be found for a player with award trophies laying all over the house… never mind your (unofficial) team captain who insures that everybody on the roster step up their game on a daily basis.

You just can’t replace that kind of presence.

So that, 40-man roster news, TV contract and payroll news, plus labor dispute discussions are all on the table for this edition of the TomahawkTake podcast… a bunch of words that we normally can’t just type out, so we use this forum to explain our thoughts more fully.

The links are as follows…

Thanks for joining us in the celebration of the playoffs this year!  Now comes the fun part:  to see what this front office has in mind to try and get this team back in shape to attempt a rare World Series repeat.

Next. Hello White Sox? Can we talk?. dark

Can’t wait until Spring Training… except that it could be a long dark Winter to face before that… but we’ll keep you apprised of everything going on and how that news impacts our Atlanta Braves.