Atlanta Braves: Trade Deadline Pieces If The Braves Retool

Potential Trade Pieces for The Atlanta Braves (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Potential Trade Pieces for The Atlanta Braves (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /
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Freddie Freeman only has a few months left on his contract. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The following players make sense on paper to trade, but it is just too gut-wrenching to believe that the Atlanta Braves would trade them this year.

Pablo Sandoval

The Atlanta Braves organization and their fans alike have fallen in love with Panda. The team seems to be fueled on Panda hugs. On paper, it would make sense to trade Sandoval if the right package came along. Great clubhouse presence, post-season experience, and obviously a very good pinch hitter.

If a team offered anything of value for a defensively limited pinch hitter, it would make sense for the Atlanta Braves to consider trading him. After on, they do not have much to lose, from a pure statistical standpoint if they are not going to make it to the playoffs.

As much as a trade makes sense to make on paper if anything of value was offered, this trade just seems wrong. The team has had enough go wrong for them this year with injuries, and the hidden personal life of a teammate that the team seemed to love come to light (Ozuna). It is probably safe to say that Alex Anthopoulos and company at least have enough heart to not move the beloved teammate that is known as Panda from the clubhouse.

Freddie Freeman

Reigning MVP, or should we say MVFree, obviously has the most trade value of any player on the Braves that would be considered a rental for another team. Even with his pro-rated 22.359 million dollar salary for 2021, any team would be happy to have him.

Freddie would be much like the Aroldis Chapman deal the Yankees made. The Braves could potentially trade him to the highest bidder, net some serious prospect capitol, and then just re-sign him in the off-season.

In reality, Freeman is not like the Aroldis Chapman scenario. Chapman was not a franchise cornerstone that stuck with the team through a long rebuild, and a fan favorite that has brought joy to a Braves franchise during the dark times of a rebuild, just to cap it off last year with an MVP trophy.

Freddie is in a contract year, as we all know. He has not publically stated it, but he seems to be frustrated that an extension offer has not been made. If the Atlanta Braves traded him, even though it would only be for a few months, it would pretty much guarantee he would not be coming back once he hits free agency next year.

Freddie getting more frustrated is not a risk the Atlanta Braves front office should be willing to take, unless they have already made up their minds that they are not willing to pay him what he is worth.

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Here is to hoping that the Atlanta Braves turn things around and don’t have to make any of these trades. If they don’t though, expect at least some of these guys to be wearing a different uniform come July 31st 2021.